My experience as a journalist and editor means that I’m often double-checking, verifying and finding current information to provide context on a wide range of topics. I can help you find data, sources, quotes to strengthen your work. And I can also put it together into an accessible, usable format that will be easy to share with the public. I am also an experienced fact checker, able to ensure that the information you are presenting is air tight (or point out where problems exist). For more information contact me at tim.mcsorley [at]

Clients and experience include:

  • Voices-Voix Coalition
  • The Media Co-opThe Dominion magazine
  • The Giant Mine (in development, Loaded Pictures)
  • A Rare Earth (in development, Prospector Films)
  • Control is the Lie (in development, Parabola Films)
  • The Canadian Federation of Students – Quebec
  • H2Oil (Loaded Pictures)
  • Wal-Town: The Film (Loaded Pictures)

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